Why I’m Running

I’m Cary Kennedy, and I’m running to be your next governor. We are all so proud of Colorado and what our state has become. We are innovative, modern and forward-looking. And we have built one of the strongest economies in the country. But this progress is not reaching everyone in our state. I am running for governor to build on our progress, to make sure it reaches everyone and to keep Colorado the place we love.

Making Education Colorado’s Top Priority:

We need to make education our top priority. It is unacceptable that our economy ranks at the top and our investment in schools ranks at the bottom.

I was the author of Amendment 23 that protected funding for our schools and I created the BEST program that has already replaced and rebuilt hundreds of aging schools in poor and rural communities in Colorado.

I grew up with three foster brothers and sisters.  I’ve seen in my own family what it means when kids don’t get the opportunities they need to succeed.  Colorado’s schools should be among the best in the country. We need to start by ensuring every classroom in Colorado is led by a great teacher, and that means paying our teachers well.

Read my Education Plan.

Affordable, High-Quality Health Care for All Coloradans:

We need to make sure health care is accessible and affordable to everyone. The president and Congress are plunging our entire health care system into chaos. I have a bold vision to give all Coloradans affordable, high quality healthcare. My plan would allow everyone to buy into an affordable public health insurance option. We can do that right now, right here in Colorado, without relying on Congress.

Read my health care plan. 

Keeping Colorado the Place That We Love in the Face of Growth:

We need to keep Colorado the place we love. People across the country love Colorado as much as we do – and a lot of them are moving here. My husband and I both grew up here and we’ve seen the changes. As a mom of 2 kids I know the frustration so many of us have of racing home from work only to be stuck in traffic. We need to keep Colorado affordable.

We should demand that as we grow, businesses moving here are partners in our success, including paying employees a living wage and protecting our environment. We can have the cleanest air and water in the country and we can lead on the greatest challenge of our time, which is climate change. We’ve gone too long without a smart plan for growth and this will stop when I’m governor.

Read my plan for growth.

Now every day we are seeing how building on our progress in Colorado is harder with who’s in the White House. We won’t let Trump take Colorado backwards. We will fight him in the court house and we will fight him in the state house; what happens in Washington stays in Washington.

And we can reject the politics of DC. We are tired of big money in politics. Which is why I have pledged to run a clean campaign, to not take donations from corporate PACs or lobbyists, and have called on my opponents to limit spending in this primary to 3 million dollars.

Read my clean campaign pledge.

To win, I’m calling you to action. Can you help me grow this grassroots movement? Together we can protect the Colorado we love.