Colorado’s rural communities are a foundation of our state’s identity, heritage, and economy. But all too often these communities are left behind or left out of economic development, infrastructure, and important public debates. As a state leader for nearly two decades I have worked in rural communities throughout our state. I have helped them rebuild schools, ensured rural children have access to health care and repaired aging highways and bridges. As Governor, I will listen to rural Colorado and and form creative partnerships with our rural communities to provide the support they need to develop their unique strengths and opportunities.


Our agricultural industry is at the core of Colorado’s economy, identity, and history. Colorado’s diverse agriculture and food industry leads the world in innovation and sustainable management practices. As Governor, I will lead to ensure Colorado’s agricultural industry is a global leader. I support research and innovations that make our agricultural industry dynamic, sustainable and adaptable to climate change. I will prioritize agricultural energy efficiency programs that reduce production costs for farmers and ranchers. As CFO of Denver, I helped develop the financing and represented farmers and ranchers for the National Western Center proposal, which includes a state of the art center for agriculture and climate science. Colorado should lead the nation to  strengthen and advance agriculture; promote a safe, high quality and sustainable food supply; and protect consumers and the environment.  

Economic Development

Colorado is building one of the strongest economies in the world. We are determined not just to grow our economy, but to grow in ways that ensure that more people can benefit from our success and protect our beautiful state. Colorado is a model for the nation in developing new ways of doing things. As governor, I will continue my track record of bringing innovative solutions to ensure Colorado’s progress reaches everyone. I will follow the lead of local communities as we partner to bring economic development to all parts of the state. Whether it’s expanding access to broadband, supporting our outdoor recreation economy, investing in infrastructure, or connecting workers with ongoing education or re-training programs, the state should be a partner in ensuring all four corners of our state succeed for generations to come.


Broadband is as essential in our communities now as electricity was a century ago. Colorado’s communities need abundant, redundant, and affordable broadband. Nearly one in four Coloradans in rural areas does not have access to broadband and of those that do, many only have access to expensive, unreliable, and/or slow options. This inequitable access to broadband hurts our rural areas and is a major driver behind the unequal growth across the state. I hear too often from local business owners in rural towns about how they lose internet on important holiday shopping days and cannot process a credit card!

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