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Connect with Team Cary’s press team:

Cary is running for governor to build on our progress, to make sure it reaches everyone and to keep Colorado the place we love. Her leadership, ability to solve problems and her love of Colorado have helped us build one of the fastest growing economies in the nation, but that success has not reached everyone.

As governor Cary will protect our Colorado way of life, make the cost of living more affordable and build on Colorado’s progress as a model for the nation. She will ensure we have the cleanest air and water, lead the fight against climate change and protect our public lands.

Cary will make education our top priority. She was the author of Amendment 23 that protected funding for our schools and created the Building Excellent Schools Today program that has replaced and rebuilt over 380 schools across Colorado. She is honored to have the endorsement of the Colorado Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers.

Cary has a bold vision to give all Coloradans affordable, high quality healthcare. Her plan would allow everyone to buy into an affordable public option, which would lower premiums, stabilize markets, and increase affordable health insurance options for all Coloradans, and especially those in rural communities.

Cary has pledged to run a clean campaign and not take donations from corporate PACS or lobbyists. She believes that together our caucuses can be first step in 2018 to keep Colorado blue.