Cary’s Guidelines for Growth

Keeping Colorado the place that we all love in the face of growth.  

Here are my Guidelines for Growth — a plan that outlines how, as Governor, I will protect our state and plan for the future. 

1. Make Colorado Affordable
Part of ensuring that our progress reaches everyone is ensuring working Coloradans everywhere can afford to live here. Many people in Colorado can’t afford to live where they work.

2. Protect the Colorado We Love
We need to be a leader in protecting open space, water and air so that our children and their children inherit the Colorado we love.

3. Plan, Prepare and Build for the Future
Colorado’s gone too long without preparing for growth. We must make forward-looking investments in transportation, housing, water conservation, clean renewable energy and broadband so in the future, Colorado works for everyone.

4. Stand up for Middle-Class Families
Colorado has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and many Colorado businesses are partners in our success — they pay their employees a living wage, protect our environment, and are committed to giving back to our community. We should demand that as we grow, businesses moving here are partners in our success.

I have released a number of policies that will help us protect the Colorado we love in the face of growth.

Housing – Ensuring People Can Live Where They Work

In communities across Colorado, from metro areas to rural resort towns, the cost of housing is skyrocketing, leaving limited options to address our state’s massive housing shortage. Today, one in four Coloradans spends more than 50% of their income on housing and 40% of renters in our state spend more than a third of their income on rent. Because of these barriers, along with wage and income stagnation, many Coloradans are not  participating in the great economic progress our state is experiencing. People can’t afford to live where they work or stay in the communities where they grew up. Part of expanding prosperity to include everyone is ensuring that Coloradans everywhere can live where they work.

Read my full Affordable Housing Plan here. 

Open Space & Water – Protecting the Colorado We Love

For Westerners, our love is the land. We are stewards of this treasured place, now and for the generations to come. Colorado must be a leader in protecting our open space and our water so our children and their children inherit the Colorado we love. Our lands, clean air and rivers also give us a competitive advantage. Businesses want to be here, where we value public lands, our environment, and quality of life. My goal as governor is for Coloradans to work together to conserve 1 million acres of land and 400,000 acre-feet of water by 2050, even as our State’s population grows.

I love nothing more than spending time outside in Colorado with my family – hiking, camping, and skiing. I will fight every day to keep Colorado the place we love. I will ensure Colorado’s public lands and treasured waterways are protected and accessible so future generations can enjoy and benefit from them as we do today. All of this becomes more important in the face of rapid growth.

Read my full Open Space and Water Plan here. 

Infrastructure – Plan, Prepare and Build for the Future 

Colorado has always been a forward-looking and innovative place. But deteriorating roads, inadequate transit systems, and lack of broadband hold our state back, costing us time and money, and leaving many of our communities behind. We can build a more equitable and prosperous Colorado by modernizing our infrastructure. Our growing population is creating an urgency to meet this challenge, but also an opportunity to think big. I am ready to act now to improve Colorado’s infrastructure.

I have the experience to protect what we love about Colorado — and a proven track record of success. As Colorado State Treasurer and as the CFO for the City of Denver, I financed hundreds of projects around our state including road and bridge repairs, transit oriented development, community recreation centers, cultural venues and schools. It’s time for us to modernize our state’s transportation and broadband systems to expand prosperity in our state and ensure our progress reaches everyone.

Read my full Infrastructure Plan here.