Energy & Environment

Colorado’s environment — our land, water and air — is our most important asset and we are stewards of this treasured place for generations to come.  I believe protecting Colorado’s environment is a moral responsibility and that climate change is the greatest threat to humanity. My goal as Governor is for Colorado to have the cleanest air and the cleanest water in the country, and to be a model for the nation in using clean, renewable sources of energy. Colorado will be a leader in the fight against global climate change so that we can protect our state, and our world, for the generations to come.


How we power our homes, cars and businesses is critical to the quality of our air, the success of our state’s economy and our collective efforts to fight climate change. Colorado has the opportunity to be a strong leader in the clean energy economy and on climate change. We are blessed with an abundant supply of wind and sun, and our labs and businesses are developing technologies that will transform how we produce energy — not just here in Colorado, but around the world.

While setting big goals for decades down the road sounds good, we need to take decisive action now to meet and exceed the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. We can implement ambitious carbon pollution reduction targets, and move quickly and efficiently to put in place policies to achieve those targets, by allowing flexible action and innovation in the most cost-effective way. In order to reduce our state’s pollution and combat climate change, we can change how we generate power and make cars, homes and businesses cleaner and more efficient.

As Governor, I will double the Renewable Energy standard, guarantee Colorado homes and businesses a 100% renewable energy option, and make CO the best state in the country to buy and drive an electric vehicle. These actions will drive a clean energy boom across the state, particularly in rural Colorado, creating thousands of high-paying jobs, and leaving a legacy of a healthy future for our children and their children.

Read my full plan for Clean Energy and Climate here.

Open Space and Public Lands

Colorado’s public lands are our most treasured asset. Our rugged mountains, rivers, grasslands, mesas, and open spaces make Colorado one of the most spectacular natural settings in the world. Public lands also drive many of our local communities’ economies. From tourism and recreation, to cattle grazing and solar power, we have come together across this state to find ways to benefit from these lands while protecting their heritage, natural glory, wildlife, and fragile ecosystems. We must protect our public lands and outdoors; they’re why we love Colorado.

I love nothing more than spending time outside in Colorado with my family – hiking, camping, and skiing. I will fight every day to keep Colorado the place we love. I will ensure Colorado’s public lands are protected and accessible so future generations can enjoy and benefit from them as we do today. All of this becomes more important in the face of rapid growth. My goal as governor is for Coloradans to work together to conserve 1 million acres of land by 2050, even as our state’s population grows.

Read my full plan for Open Space here. 


Water is the foundation for our economy and our heritage. We must protect Colorado’s treasured water for the future, especially in the face of rapid growth, so that Colorado’s families have clean drinking water and Colorado’s rivers stay healthy. We cannot continue to take more from our rivers, drain our aquifers, and dry up farmland to supply water to a growing urban population. Instead, we must take action and implement innovative and forward-thinking solutions to use water more efficiently. Each watershed in Colorado is unique, and we need to support local communities to finance and implement the state water plan. My goal as governor is for Coloradans to work together to conserve 400,000 acre-feet of water by 2050, even as our State’s population grows.

See my full plan for Water here.